Flexible office space has become a reality for property owners and businesses. It is more cost-effective, provides less turnover, and brings more dynamism to the space compared to traditional office management.

HQFlex will analyze your space, propose a design, present a 10-year business case, and allow you to outsource daily management services as well as other critical functions such as marketing and sales.

Specialists in Property Management for Flexible Spaces

How do we offer our services?

  • Strategic Consultation

    Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide you with a financial business case for the next 10 years.

  • Business Case

    Once the most suitable flexible service for your asset is chosen, we assist you in designing your business case. Our knowledge and experience will ensure your success.

  • Space Planning and Design

    We will propose a design for the layout and complete interior, paying attention to every detail. The design will prioritize flexibility and functionality tailored to a broad range of potential clients.

  • Operational Management

    You can hire HQFlex for the day-to-day operational management—a specialized property management service for flexible spaces. Technology and automation will be integrated throughout the management process.

  • Marketing and sales

    Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive marketing and sales management. Outsourcing this area is more cost-effective and productive than internalizing, especially in spaces smaller than 5,000 m2.

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