In today’s dynamic real estate market, building owners in Spain are facing a unique opportunity: transforming their properties into flexible office models. This trend, far from being fleeting, is consolidating as an adaptive response to the changing needs of businesses and their employees. Below, we detail the advantages of adopting this innovative model:

Increased Demand

Flexible offices have experienced a significant increase in occupancy, with figures around 100% in Malaga and 85% in Seville and Madrid (CBRE Report, Sept. 2023). This trend signals a clear interest and market need for more versatile and adaptable workspaces.

Higher Profitability

By converting spaces into flexible offices, not only is a workspace offered but a complete service, which allows increasing profitability per square meter. This model can generate higher income compared to traditional leasing, where prices are more static and depend on the duration of the contract.

Improved Asset Valuation

Flexibility adds considerable value to any real estate asset. In an environment where tenant preferences evolve rapidly, having a space that can adapt to various needs and configurations is a considerable draw for future tenants.

Response to the Decline in Traditional Leasing

With a year-on-year decrease of 24% in the hiring levels of traditional offices in Madrid and Barcelona (JLL Report, Oct. 2023), owners face the challenge of rethinking how to market their spaces. The offer of flexible offices emerges as a strategic solution to capture a growing market segment that values flexibility and innovation.

Adapting offices to flexible models is a rising trend. This change responds to market demands and is shown as a strategic investment towards the future of work. By transforming traditional spaces into flexible ones, demand is increased. This improves property valuation and increases profitability per square meter. This process benefits both owners and tenants, offering solutions in line with the changing needs of businesses and their employees.

Flexible offices, a rising trend

The demand for flexible offices shows notable growth, with an increase in occupancy. This signals a clear interest in more versatile and adaptable workspaces. By offering not only a workspace but a complete service, owners can increase profitability. This model generates higher income compared to traditional leasing.

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