Coworking has become a significant phenomenon in Spain in recent years, and current trends promise an exciting future for this sector. We will explore the rise of coworking in Spain, its growth, recent changes, and prospects for the future.

Exponential Growth

Since 2021, Spain has witnessed exponential growth in the coworking sector. According to data from CBRE Agile Practice 2022, flexible office spaces have experienced a significant increase in demand and supply. Salvador Aguilar, head of Agile Practice at CBRE Spain, highlights how these spaces have evolved from traditional coworking to a hybrid formula.

Focus on Major Cities

Major Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are the epicenter of coworking in the country. More than 50% of coworking spaces are concentrated in these urban areas. This concentration has created a favorable environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and growing businesses.

Sustainable Profitability

An impressive statistic is that 72% of coworking spaces in Spain become profitable in just two years. This underscores the viability of this business model and its ability to generate income quickly and sustainably.

Emerging Trends

Current trends include a greater diversification of coworking spaces, offering specialized solutions for various industries. Sustainability is also on the rise, with a focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction. Additionally, technology plays a crucial role in managing these spaces, with online reservation systems and mobile applications.

The future of coworking in Spain looks exciting, with increased diversification, sustainability, and technology. This surge reflects the growing demand for flexible spaces and the adaptability of the current labor market.

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